We don’t remember days, we remember moments.

Ciao Angel was born of a moment, a meeting, a conversation…a message. We like to believe that these messages in life come from guardian angels (from the Latin angelus, meaning “messenger”).

Wearing Ciao Angel jewelry  expresses a wish to say thank you to these messengers, and thank you to life.

The name CIAO ANGEL invites us to greet these angels. It reminds us that we are never alone, we all have a guardian angel watching over us.

It’s with this philosophy in mind that Ciao Angel was born.



THE UNIVERSE of Ciao Angel.

Chantal Lalonde, designer and founder of Ciao Angel is inspired by messages and moments from life to create her jewelry. … like a heart-shaped coral found on the beach… or a special meeting with someone that will lead to the creation of a small cross to illustrate the crossroad… ” We don’t remember days, we remember moments”. Here is a quote in line with the universe of Ciao Angel. Chantal seeks to express and glorify these “milestones” in her creations.

Chantal’s universe is connected to everything that comes from the earth.  A graduate of the Montreal School of Gemmology and the Montreal School of Jewelry, she works with noble materials; fine and precious stones, pearls, sterling silver, silk, leather…

The “Ciao Angel” medallion is the first piece created by Chantal. It is symbolic and reminds us that we are never alone, there is always someone who wishes us well.  We wear it to say thank you to our guardian angel.

CHANTAL LALONDE Founder, Designer, Metalsmith. Chantal’s moto: “Be authentic, now!”

Through various meetings, discussions, and life experiences, Chantal began to realize that life sends us signs that can guide our choices. Sometimes, we just need to listen to them.  What if it was the work of guardian angels watching over us?  That’s how the idea arose to create a jewellery collection that symbolizes the concept that we are never alone, that we each have a guardian angel who wishes us well, and that, in return, we are also someone else’s guardian angel.


Graduated from Jewellery School of Montreal


Certificate in Gemmology – Gemmology School of Montreal

Atttestation – Faceted Diamond Classification

Attestation – Classification of Pearls

Attestation – Gipsy:  le serti bruni


Prix d’excellence, Gala 2016, École de Joaillerie de Montréal.

Ciao Angel